Velocity / Acceleration / Time Calculator

Velocity / Acceleration / Time Calculator


  • A bicycle travels 3.2 km due east in 0.10 h, then 4.8 km at 15◦
    east of north in 0.15 h,
    and finally another 3.2 km due east in 0.10 h to reach its destination. The time lost in
    turning is negligible. What was the average velocity for the entire trip?

  • An object experiences a displacement of 1.13m towards the right. If the object’s final position is 25cm right of the origin,then what is the objects original position?

  • A horizontal shelf moves vertically with simple harmonic motion of period 1.5 sec. What is the greatest amplitude that the shelf can have so that the objects resting on it never leav it?

  • A river has current with a velocity of 1.0 m/s south. A boat whose speed in still water is 5.0 m/s is directed east across the 100 m wide rive.How far downstream will the boat travel and the relative velocity of the boat will move to the shore.

  • A car is travelling at a uniform speed of 30m/s maintaining a distance of 35m behind a truck travelling atthe same uniform speed.
    The truck notices an obstacle and accelerates uniformly by pressing the brakes and coming to a stop which takes 12s
    1. calc the acceleration of the truck slowing down
    2. How far does the truck travel when slowing down during the 12s
    3. If the car continues in its original motion hiw far ahead will it stop of the truck
    Plz answer this
    It was in my paper and I wanna know if I did it ryt

  • tina threw a ball to a height of a flagpole 25 meter high. how long will it take the ball to reach that height and dropped back on the ground if the ball accelerates at 0.5m/s2

  • aunter stands at the eadgof acliff 85.0m whenhe seesawild boar directly belowhim.needing to feed his village ,he ime his arrow 60 above the horizontal and releases his arrow. at theexact same instant the wild boar knowwing she has being hunted runs away horzontly from the hunter at aconstant speed of 12.5m/s. find where relative his initial position and find the velocity of the arrow as it strikes the boar

  • A salon car started at 5m/s,then ,accelerates uniformly for 4s. Then, it attained full velocity and move uniformly for 6s. The car was brought to rest with uniform retardation of 1.375 m/s2 for 8s. (Draw a velocity – time graph). calculate the distance covered.

  • A stone is thrown vertically upward with an initial velocity v from top of a top of a tower reaches the ground with velocity 3m.The height of tower

  • Bob (68 kg) goes down the water slide shown above. The ride begins at a height of 37 meters. The smaller hill is only 16 meters tall. At the end of the ride Bob is stopped by a giant rubber band stretched across the bottom of the slide. (Use your imagination.)

    How fast will Bob be moving at the top of the small hill? (Ignore friction.)

  • If the position of a partical is given by x= 20 t3 -5 t3 where x is in meters and t is in seconds if ever is the particals velocity 0 ? when is its acceleration 0 ?

  • a stone of mass 600 gm attached to a string of length 10 cm, rotating at velocity of 3 m/s calculate the centripetal force and centripetal acceleration

  • A dolphin decelerates for 2.0 sec feom an initial speed of 7.5 m/sec in order to take a look at a dolphin of the opposite sex. Calculate the dolphin’s final speed if the deceleration had a magnitude of 1.5m/sec^2

  • A 3kg hammer is used to drive a nail into a piece of wood.if at the time of impact the speed of the hammer is 5m/s and it drive the nail 1cm to the wood,calculate
    i)The acceleration
    ii)the force exerted

  • A body starts with some initial velocity along a straight line. After 3 second it is found to be at a distance of 15 metre from the starting point. At 4 second it is at starting point. What is the initial velocity of the body? ( Assume constant acceleration)

  • If France has two cars that accelerates at a rate of 80 meter per second squared and car A has a mass of 1000 kg while car B has a mass of 2000 kg. How much force is needed by the two cars to have the acceleration? Which of them needs more force to accelerate?

  • A train 100m long travelling at 40m\s starts overtaking another train 200m long travelling at 30m\s.What is the time taken by the first traint pass the second train completely?

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