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As a kid I always wanted to be a concentrated guy behind the keyboard who knows what he’s doing. Well guest what? My dream came true. I succeeded. I know what I’m doing – I write for a living.

I am actually one of those people who go from one  puclic place to another with a laptop and successfully completes his work in partly public places with dramatic and smart look on the face.

I started from writing lifehacking articles for students. Later I got into science, fitness, music and a lot of uncategorized stuff. Maybe I am not writing about the nature of quantum mechanics, but I do write a about something that I do know about – the world of writing mechanics.

Okay, let’s be honest, I exaggerated about saying that I write is exclusively incredibly awesome posts? No.

Here on GeakAndNerd.com you will find my posts that relate to academic problem solving, online courses, homework help tips and reviews of homework help websites.

Below you will see the examples of some of my posts that were published on other great websites:








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