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Engineering Problem Solver Online

Precision is the key to success. If you’re not that attentive or simply want to compare your answers to the right ones, these engineering problem solvers are at your service.

  1. Vector-Cross Product, Determinant

  2. Square Root Calculator

  3. Decimal number to two’s complement

  4. Section Modulus of Pipe

  5. Solution of system of heat transfer equations

  6. Programación Lineal

  7. NACA Airfoil

  8. Find the Musical Note

  9. 555 IC Monostable Multivibrator

  10. USD/gal->USD/M3

  11. Bolt Length Calculator

  12. Two’s Complement Calculator

  13. Mpa to ksi

  14. Diagrammes de Bode (Nyquist, Black)

  15. Binary Entropy Function h(p)

  16. Reatancia indutiva – XL

  17. Minimum resistor power rating

  18. Rational Den

  19. 2:1 Elliptical vessel head surface area

  20. Euler critical buckling load

  21. 2:1 Elliptical vessel head surface area

  22. Bending Springback Calculator

  23. Airfoil Lift Calculator

  24. Diesel / Otto cycle analysis

  25. Pitot Tube Calculator

  26. Calcular Integral e Derivada

  27. Inverse Laplace Xform Calculator

  28. Faltung

  29. Reynolds Number (SI)