Greatest Common Factor Calculator

There is no doubt that math is hard. The reality is that most students find it to be the most difficult discipline at school. At the same time, it is fundamental and you cannot go without it. The good news is that there is lots of help available especially on the web. Now you can use a greatest common factor calculator online to eliminate the need for doing lots of multiplications and divisions to discover the GCF. Find out more about this opportunity and what it will bring to you.

Understanding the GCF Concept

Finding the greatest common factor is one of the first thing that you learn in mathematics. It is usually taught in third or fourth grade, but this doesn’t make it easy actually. In order to get a clear understanding of the concept, you should know that all the whole numbers which you can divide a whole number by and get another whole number are called factors. For instance, the factors of 6 are 1, 2, 3 and 6. When you have two numbers, the GCF is the largest number which both of them can be divided by.
In order to solve the problem without a GCF calculator, you will have to list all the factors of each number. You have to write them in rows one under the other. Then you have to investigate the factors carefully to find the biggest one which the two numbers have in common. There are two possible traps which you can fall into. Firstly, you may miss to list a factor in either one or both of the rows. Secondly, you may get confused and miss to pick the highest common factor. Of course, the risk of making the first mistake is bigger, but you shouldn’t underestimate the second one.

Saving Time with the Online Tool

With the GCF factoring calculator, you will never have to go through the complicated process described above. You simply need to enter the two numbers and you will get the solution. You just have to fill out the boxes and hit the submit button. It is as simple as this. The really great thing is that there is no limit to how big the numbers can be. In general, if you want to make the most out of the tool, you should use it not only to get help with doing your math homework, but also to practice your skills. This is how you will do well in exams too.
You can also use the greatest common factor calculator with variables and exponents. This is a more advanced feature which students in higher grades and college will find extremely useful. The use of variables instead of digits makes students feel uneasy at first and this is perfectly normal. Still, as you get to practice, you will find that the problems are actually not that difficult. Remember that it is all about learning the algorithm for solving a particular type of problem and applying it correctly.
Make full use of this and other math calculators available online for free.

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