35 College Life Hacks Every Student Should Know

1. Record your lectures and listen to them at twice the speed.

2. Use colored pens while making notes.

The process won’t be so boring.

3. Use easier classes to get a higher GPA at the end of a semester.

Don’t ignore the classes that are easy and try to get an “A”. Remember, you’ll have much harder classes later in the studying process so get properly prepared.

4. Give yourself a treat after every small accomplishment.

Having read a passage of a boring book is a one.

5. Drink coffee even if you don’t have a coffee maker.

6. Scrambled eggs in the microwave are the perfect breakfast to start your day with.

7. Use your mini-fridge to the fullest.

A binder clip is a secret way of organizing your beverages.

8. Replace a plate with a tortilla when you don’t feel like do dishes.

9. Learn how to get a better Wi-Fi signal when you leave the campus.

10. Buy a laptop lock as you’ll definitely need it.

11. Soda pop tabs will help you save some space in your wardrobe.

12. Learn how to fold your T-shirts and other clothes to save space.

13. You’ll save a lot of money by changing a red ink cartridge with a blue pen cartridge.

Because no one needs a red pen.

14. Use washi tape to make your room cozy.

15. Buy Visa gift cards and use it for free trials online.

16. A wet towel will help you cool down your crowded room.

Just hang it over an open window.

17. Use Construct-a-Straw for easy cocktails.

18. Use post-it notes to clean your keyboard.

19. Dance parties are easy to organize with an iPhone put into an empty plastic bottle.

20. If you never hear the alarm clock, put your phone into an empty glass to increase the sound.

21. You can put two bowls in one microwave.

22. A laptop bag can become a convenient backpack.

23. To cool a warm beer down faster, use a moist paper towel and put it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.

24. A dryer sheet will come in hand if you want your room to smell good.

25. While preparing a presentation, think about a couple of questions and find the answers.

You can then ask your friends to ask these questions after the presentation to look really smart.

26. Choose the right font for presentations.

27. A coffeemaker is not only for making coffee, you know.

28. Comments on Foursquare will give you the Wi-Fi passwords to most of the establishments.

29. Learn how to drink in public.

30. Learn how to take a liquor with you anywhere you go.

31. Learn how to eat your snacks properly.

32. Put a glass of water in a microwave to save the pizza crust.

33. 3M hooks can make your life easier.

Now you can watch a tablet wherever you want.

34. Tape a power strip to your nightstand.

You’ll forget about the problem with short cords forever.

35. This can save your laptop from overheating on your lap.

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  • One life hack that you can also use is putting a water bottle in your back pack and prepare a bag of hot tea. first boil a cup of water and then put a tea pouch in, after let it chill in the refrigerator.In the morning add sugar and honey and you have a mini version of Lipton Iced tea.

    To make your own summer drinks fill up an ice cube tray with your favorite soda of choice and then add it to your drink, preferably to lemonade or raspberry iced tea.

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