16 Sites for Students that Are Really Helpful

One of the first rules of college you need to learn is that your professor won’t always be there for you to answer your questions and clarify the assignments. Even when the instructors tell you that you can ask for help ay any time, you’ll see that there is only you and your task in the whole Universe.

Well, to be honest, it’s you, your assignment, and the almighty internet. And this might be even better than having your instructor giving you explanations. There are tons of helpful sites for students out there and it would be wrong not to use them.It’s easy to get lost surfing the sites of the world wide web, though. Some of the resources promise you immediate help but turn out to be just a way of getting your email address and giving no useful information instead. And others may have something exciting to share with you but the information is messy and difficult to process.

So, here are the collection of the most useful websites for a student one can find. You’ll be able to cope with your assignments faster.


Have you ever wondered how to make a telescope at home? Or how to cook a delicious dinner spending less than 30 minutes in the kitchen? Or, maybe, you’re struggling with your science project? The chances are other students have had similar questions and some of them have the right answers they are glad to share with the world. Check the selection of DIY projects and add your own.

Written Kitten

Everybody likes cats. Almost every website tries to post a photo of an adorable kitten once in a while to attract more visitors. Wouldn’t it be great to have cats as your writing motivation? This site offers you exactly that. You set a target word count and as soon as you reach it, you receive a prize – a picture of a random fluffy cat.


Who doesn’t like building study guides, right? If you find this activity boring and exhausting, there’s something that can come in hand – cheat sheets. This resource has a great collection of them on any topic possible. Enjoy!


A great online mind mapping tool. If you often use this approach, this site will help you a lot.

Rate My Professors

There are websites with movie reviews, book reviews, etc. So, why not to have a resource where one can review his/her professor? Read the testimonials of your peers and make smart decisions.


A very helpful bibliography and citation generator. It saves your time and makes the process of formatting your paper less stressful.

Stack Exchange

This site will help you find the right answer to almost any question you might have. You can often come across a very interesting debate between the members of a community and get the information you need.


Students can sometimes have problems with managing their budgets. It’s a new stage of life and you need to learn how to be spend your money in the most efficient way. This tool will help you get your head around the financial reality of being a student.


Speaking of saving money, you might want to check this site that has great deals and discounts on books, clothes, etc.

Wolfram Alpha

This is a tool that can solve any math problem and show you the step-by-step process of solution. Whenever you get stuck with a math assignment, this site can be a time-saver.


If you want to improve your computer skills, this is the best place to do it. The site is mainly focused on computer software and media production. Find the video tutorial you’re interested in and learn something new every day.


Using Dropbox, you will never have to worry about backing up your files and having an instant access to from any device. It’s easy and safe.

Google Calendar

There are some tools that you get used to and don’t want to change for the brand-new ones. Google Calendar is just the one. It has a lot of advantages and copes with its main task.


If you want to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face and be fresh as a cucumber, you need to plan your sleep. Going to bed and falling asleep at a specific time will help you do that. This tool calculates the time you have to fall asleep and offers you several options.


If you’ve been trying to build some useful habits but don’t know how to succeed at it, this website will help you out.

Your University Website

Oh, yes, you should check it as well. There is plenty of useful information you can use.

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