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Online Problem Solver

Online Problem Solver


    • One mole of an ideal gas at 27 ᵒC expands adiabatically against a constant pressure of 1 atm from a volume of 10 dm3 to 20 dm3. Calculate q, w, ∆E and ∆H. assume Cv = 3/2R

  • Calculate q, w, ∆E and ∆H for the reversible isothermal expansion of one mole of an ideal gas at 27ᵒC from a volume of 10 dm3 to 20 dm3.

  • if you have 10 l of an ideal gas at 273.15k and 10 atm calculate the work done and the entropy change in two different expansions to a final pressure of 1 atm a)isothermal reversible expansion b)irreversible isothermal expansion

  • A mixture of 58.0 g of S and 1.06×102 g of Cl2 reacts completely to form S2Cl2 and SCl2. Find the mass of S2Cl2 formed.

  • 22.0cm3 of a solution containing 0.1mol of Hcl/dm3 of solution neutral red 20.0cm3 of a solution containing 7.6g of an anhydrous base, m2Co3/dm3 of solution
    calculate: molar concentration of the base
    molar mass of the base
    find the element (m) in m2Co3
    note: m in m2Co3 is a univalent element

  • If you have 16 gr methane how much gr alcohol, aldehyde and carboxylic acid will you have in conclusion?

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