How to Get Motivated to Do Homework

You are staring at a blank page on your computer’s monitor and trying to come up with a nice idea for your essay. But nothing comes to mind. Then, you think about food, a nice tasty sandwich because it might help you activate your brain cells. So, you make a sandwich and start eating it when you realize that you can watch a new episode of your favorite series while eating. What a great idea! After that, you look at the clock and it turns out that you’ve spent two hours doing nothing. Why did it happen? It’s probably because you lack motivation for doing your homework.

We always try to find a reason to postpone something we don’t want to do. That is not productive and often harmful for the final results. Although students know that their assignments have specific deadlines, it doesn’t seem to be the motivation they need. There are some ways how to get motivated to do homework and have enough time to have some rest.

Everybody likes rewards. This kind of motivation may seem a bit simple but it’s effective. You can have small prizes, like a candy or slice of pizza after every page you finish writing. Or your reward can be a bit more impressive, like going to the cinema with your friends after you paper is done. You’ll be amazed how faster the writing process will go.

Making a commitment. We know that a simple homework assignment is not worth making a big commitment but just hear us out. Once you’ve publicly stated that you’re going to finish your homework by the end of this day, you’ll get motivated. Why? Because if you don’t do it, you won’t keep your promise. It’s a reason for you to continue writing and not to back down.

Getting support. If you can’t cope with an assignment on your own, ask for someone’s help. Don’t expect the task to magically disappear as it won’t. If there’s no one around who could give you a word of wisdom, turn to a professional writer. There are numerous services you can find online. You can also visit forums that discuss the subject you’re interested in and look for the solution there.

Asking questions. If it’s not writing you are stressed about but reading, there is a way to memorize the information without rereading the material for numerous times. Divide the text into several parts and come up with the questions each part has an answer to. this approach helps your brain to process the information more effectively.

Saving time. If you need to memorize some information but don’t have time to read it again and again, look for audio books or podcasts dedicated to that particular topic. You’ll be able to listen to the material while doing something you enjoy, like walking in the park, for example. You can also listen to it on your way to school/college and recall the most important parts.

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