Kinetic energy calculator

Kinetic energy calculator


  • A 3 kg object is thrown from the top of a 80 meter cliff so that it is given 500 J of kinetic energy. After it has fallen a distance of 20 meters, how much kinetic energy does the object have?

  • armer john needs to get 3 identical pumpkin into the second level of his storehouse. For the first pumpkin he uses the elevator which takes only 4 seconds. All of the sudden the elevator no longer works. For the second pumpkin he carries the pumpkin up a set of stairs in 8 seconds. Unfortunately he is not able to use the stairs for the third pumpkin due to a weak set of steps. So for the third pumpkin he climbs up a ladder. It takes him 12 seconds to move the third pumpkin up the ladder.
    Compare the work done for each pumpkin and compare his power for the three scenarios

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