8 Effective Ways on How to Focus on Homework

You must have noticed that when you need to cope with something you enjoy doing, the time flies by and you get carried away by the process. But when you have to do something you dislike and find boring, you start looking for excuses to postpone it for later. This principle applies to doing your homework.

If you are interested in the subject and want to explore and learn more about it, you’ll have no problems with having enough time and motivation. And once the assignment is not that exciting, you’ll find thousands of other things to do. Even if you make yourself get on to that boring task, there will be millions of distractions on your way keeping you away from the desired results. So, how to focus on homework you don’t like?

1) Choose the right place.

Even though a lot of people are skeptical about it, you shouldn’t study where you sleep or eat. If there’s an opportunity to sit at a desk somewhere else and do your homework there, don’t ignore it. Your room is not the perfect place for coping with your assignments. You’ve got plenty of things there that are much more interesting than your homework and you’ll easily get distracted.

2) Go back in time.

Wait, don’t google where you can buy the famous DeLorean from the “Back to the Future” just yet. What we mean is that you should pretend that none of the electronic devices around you exist. They haven’t been invented yet so you can forget about updating your status on Facebook or recording a hilariously funny video on SnapChat. There are only you and your task.

3) Create the perfect playlists.

There should be more than one playlist you use while studying because there are different kinds of homework. If you need to read something and analyze it, it’s better to use some instrumental tracks. And in case you need to be creative, make a list of the songs that inspire you and bring you energy.

4) Use some noise for the background.

Every day we are surrounded by millions of sounds and when you create some artificial silence your brain can’t adapt to it and work at the same level of effectiveness. Turn on a TV series or movie you’ve watched for thousands of times to create some noise in the background. It won’t distract you as you know what’s going to happen next.

5) Take breaks.

It’s important for a human body to change the position from time to time. Stand up and walk around for several minutes, let your brain have some rest. You’ll get the energy you lack and some new ideas.

6) Say “No” when you have to.

This passage is about your motivation, again. Of course, it’s great to go to the mall with your friends and pointlessly spend hours of your time there but not when you have to do the homework. Don’t fall for the invitations of your friends and set the priorities right.

7) And the prize goes to…

Our brain is very complicated and strange. We still don’t understand the most part of how it works but there’s something we know for sure. Everyone needs an appreciation of their work. So do you. Make a deal with yourself: I’ll buy myself my favorite ice-cream after I’ve finished writing this task. It will be your prize. The reward-based system is the best motivation and never fails.

8) Forget about multitasking.

Concentrate your attention on one task and get it done. Once you’ve finished it, move on to the next one. The multitasking approach may lead you to doing everything at once and succeeding at nothing.

Hopefully, some of these tips will work for you. If you have more ideas on how to focus on homework and cope with it faster, you are welcome to share them.

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