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Electron Configuration Calculator

Electron Configuration Calculator

This fast and accurate online calculator will help you find the electron configuration of all the elements on the Periodic Table of Elements. Usually, it would take you at least 8 steps to determine the electron configuration. If finding the atomic number, determining the atom's charge, getting your head around the list of orbitals and Pauli's Exclusion Principle, understanding the electron's configuration notation, and memorizing the number of orbitals is something you want to avoid, this tool will definitely come in hand!
Practically all chemistry and physics students need an electron configuration calculator. It shows the distribution of electrons in the orbitals around the nucleus of an atom or molecule. This will help you with the solution of a wide variety of problems. You will have all the information which you need to produce a graph, if needed. The tool itself is extremely easy to use. You just need to enter the symbol of the atom or molecule and click on the button. This calculator will save you a lot of time and effort and help you do well in your science course.

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