Should You Buy Essay or It’s Wrong?

When it comes to the custom writing services, an image of lazy students watching new episodes of their favorite series while a professional writer does all the dirty work for them. Who wants to spend time on a boring and challenging assignment of crafting a college paper when there are so many exciting things one can do, right? But we have to think about the main reason such services at all exist. Maybe it’s not the laziness but something else.

Understanding the Problem

The first thing we need to clear up is that in most of the cases students who ask for some writing assistance are not lazy but lack time for coping with their tasks. The bright individuals from Harvard, Oxford, and Cambridge work very hard to show their abilities and extraordinary skills. Sometimes the assignment they get can be so complex and frustrating that asking someone for help is the only option. Then, there is also the fear of failing. Those students get used to being on the top and can’t afford to let something go wrong. When plagiarizing the content is not one of your possible choices, you decide to turn to a professional writing service.

To buy essay or not to buy

Some of the educational institutions have a fame of giving the most difficult assignments one can only have. But the complexity is not the only reason for students seeking assistance from the experienced writers. Even the hardest task might be feasible if there are a broad explanation and instructor’s support. Oftentimes, students are left on their own and professors don’t have time to give some broad explanations and specify something that is not clear. And we shouldn’t forget about those students who come to study from other countries and have English as their second or even third language. Buying an essay might be considered not a luxury but a necessity. The amount of papers an average student has to write during an academic year is far beyond the amount he or she can cope with without getting a nervous breakdown.

Why Are Writing Services So Popular?

The popularity of online writing services increases every year. There are a lot of advantages and only a few risks to consider. Using it is safe and anonymous and you may use the paper in any way you like. You can submit it as it is and claim that you are the author or you can use it to write a paper of your own in the future. There is no way an instructor can check if it’s your paper or not. The main issue of crafting academic papers that instructors do care about is plagiarism. There are numerous tools for checking the originality of a paper and it’s become very difficult to cheat by copying someone else’s content. And most of the services have their own methods of checking the paper you order so there won’t be any problems with plagiarism. A professional writer can guarantee you the high quality of a paper you order. You may state all the requirement and give him some specific instructions to follow.

Nobody Should Buy Essays Because It’s Wrong*

We can argue about this statement day and night but the fact remains to be – there is not enough support for the students. The issue of the morality of choices we make is a debatable topic and there is no point in getting into it. Everyone should decide for himself. It’s doubtful that skipping a couple of writing assignments can harm your writing skills. The main point is to use those services, not every time you want but only when you really need writing assistance.

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