11 Useful Math Cheat Sheets

Who doesn’t like cheat sheets? It’s the best way of making a summary and organizing information. The goal is to make the information concise and comprehensive. And did you know that while you’re preparing another cheat sheet for your class, you repeat and memorize the information? Here’s a great collection of math cheat sheets as we all know how difficult some of the topics may be. If you have problems with derivatives or probability theory, these files will be of great help.

  1. Abstract Algebra Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  2. Cheat Sheet for Probability Theory (PDF)
  3. A Matlab Cheat-sheet (PDF)
  4. Maple 11 Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  5. LaTeX Cheat Sheet (several formats)
  6. Mathematica Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  7. Algebra Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  8. Trig Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  9. Calculus Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  10. Common Derivatives and Integrals Cheat Sheet (PDF)
  11. Table of Laplace Transforms (PDF)