6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use a Research Paper Writing Service

Every person in their life within modern society at least once faced the dilemma of breaking the traffic rules by crossing the road on the red light or waiting for a green light to pass the road both maximally safely and legally. Every once in a while, the academic road of every student puts him/her in the dilemma of choosing the option of research paper writing service or refusing it.

Although it may seem that a person makes this decision once and for all, in reality each writing challenge that professor sets to a student opens this “write it myself or get the help of a professional writer” discussion again and again. But for the most part, this discussion opens only for those, who are still unsure about what is the ultimate best option for them in this case. And as you might have expected, this article is about why choosing to be an independent writer is a lot smarter move than hiring a person to do the writing work for your.

To avoid making the wrong decision, to not waste time second guessing and most importantly to understand why hiring a writer is a counterproductive and wrong decision we will take a look at 6 reasons why it is so. Reasons that go beyond the typical arguments “oh, what if they don’t deliver it to you on time”, or “they can leak your data”, and come from your much deeper personal interests.

Reason 1 – You Can Get Exposed While Defending Your Work

Of course, it is within the cheating code of every responsible academic cheater to study the completed writing work before going to class, handing it to the professor and defending it in front of the class.

If the professor is not too strict and will be in a good mood on this day you will have pretty high chances to get away with it by answering simple questions about your research. However, if the professor is strict and is in a bad mood s/he will go for a lot worse than asking regular content questions.

There are plenty of tactics of how any teacher can get out of you the information that will make it crystal clear to everyone in the room who actually wrote your paper. One of the tactics comes down to being peaky about anything that relates to sources of the paper. If you wrote it yourself – you will have no problem answering what website, book, article, magazine, database you used to find it. But if someone else wrote it for you – you will have far less chances to answer these tricky questions successfully, since you will have far less idea of how each piece of information was found and how it relates to the corresponding source. And needless to say, source interrogation is only one of tactics professors can use to find out who wrote your research. So, if you find getting exposed as a cheater unacceptable or something you don’t really want to – you definitely don’t want to order your paper.




Reason 2 – It Can Set Your Official Writing Standards Too High

The problem with ordering at least one first class paper is fraught with creating a setup that will force you to write the following papers according to the same high-level of writing and it will make you completely depend on writing services in the future. That is something you will not have in case you refuse to give into the temptation to handle your writing task to professionals.

That habit or lifestyle sets your academic standards to the heights you may not match by yourself. The same as if you were walking in the suit of Hulk or She-Hulk, had everyone convinced that you are strong, had a secret group of constructing workers to do all of the dismantling and constructing works for you, had everyone under impression that all of completed work is your personal achievement, and one day you had to face the reality that you have to do this work by yourself.

In other words, if you order a research paper writing service at least once, and the next time you will run out of money, or for some any other reason you will have to write the paper without anyone’s help – with a high level of probability you will fail since your own work will not be as good as previous. On the other hand, if you never get help from experts, you will leave yourself room for “an okay research paper.” This flexibility will let you grow naturally and reduce your chances of being accused of cheating to zero. Which is a lot better than being accused, worsening your relationship with professors, and increasing your risks of getting thrown out.


Reason 3 – It Can Create a Research Paper Writing Service Addiction

The ease and the pleasure of using writing services can be too good for most of the students to handle. The excellence of the service can lead students’ mindset to the point where they are unable to refuse themselves in this academic support in the future.

It works by the same principle as drugs. To be more precise let’s compare it to the most infamous drug – heroin. Vast majority of the people who used it to escape from reality do not come back from it, since it has such a high strength that even trying it only once can turn almost any sober person into an addict. Paper service works by the same technology. You use it only once and you can get hooked for life. The more money you are willing to invest, the more quality of the product you will get. And the more you are satisfied or even happy with the result the stronger emotional bond will keep you dependent on it.

If we think about it deeper by continuing this analogy, we will also notice that this lifestyle can leave you with less or even no money, less or even none of the successful friends around and minimal perspective to succeed in other aspects of life. Because what this convenient option does is it forces you to cut angles at the places where it is very unwise to do so.


Reason 4 – It’s A Useful Skill That You Will Never Learn Unless You Do It

There are two main reasons why many people like to join firearms training courses, to master skydiving and to run through the obstacle course like in American Ninja Warrior – it is exciting, and there’s a little chance it can help in the future. But not every useful skill is as exciting to learn and practice as the ones mentioned above. Some of them can be subjectively or objectively boring, but nevertheless in some cases boring skills can be even more useful than exciting skills. And a research paper is one of them.

Task of writing a research paper is a chance to develop a boring skill that you will never set a goal to develop unless someone gives you this task. Chances are that there will never be a more perfect time for you to sit down to learn and figure out how to do a research paper on your own for your personal needs. As a matter of fact if you do decide to do it without this experience you will do it exclusively your way and most likely because of your lack of knowledge – the wrong way.

But if you had the experience of writing the research paper according to the official academic standards (which were created out of interest to make everything as structural, as clear and as smooth as possible), you will have a better understanding of which of these writing nuances work for you and which don’t. So if your academic life is not about graduating as someone who does not have the basic skills of a modern student – you need to have the experience of knowing what it’s like to write this paper yourself. And you will not learn it successfully by reading the example of how it should look.


Reason 5 – Not Being Super Available Is Sexy

The main motivation for ordering a paper is to have more spare time. The reason behind that is because everyone wants to have a better life, with less stress and more comfort. And the main formula for that in case with human species comes down to not only having fun, but also to forming strong bonds within a group.

What happens when you use a research paper writing service is you get a privilege of having more free time for yourself. Yes, we all understand that outside of the class each individual has a bunch of other things to worry about. But in student life, where everyone faces the same homework load reality, in many ways we perceive everyone equally and primarily through the prism of academic life. That is why when the whole class gets the task, it sees each other as someone with the same life and the same mission. And yes, those who buy a completed paper get some points of attractiveness. But because it makes them more available to others, at the same time they also become less attractive. And as a result, the very same student with the same hierarchical status who writes papers himself will get far more points of attractiveness than the one who doesn’t know how to do it.

Of course, in the short-term perspective some may probably think of that person “what a geek!” But also, both in short-term and in long-term perspective everyone notes that no matter how nerdy this non-paper-service-strategy-student looks, this person is capable of handling tasks without anyone’s help. Everyone always remembers these types of smart-working students as the most independent members of the class. And considering the fact that social life boils down to opportunities through contacts and friendships, that type of beneficial image costs a lot and it brings a lot. It comes back in bonuses in competition in any type of partnership, whether it is business, friendship or intimate relationships.


Reason 6 – You Can Invest These Money in Your Popularity

If you do have money to spend and if you want to reward yourself for writing a paper without anyone’s help and make a bunch of cool memories you can always invest this money in your development and/or popularity. One of the key reasons why students use research paper writing services is to increase chances to be popular. And one of the all-time successful ways to be extra likeable is to do something original or helpful for your community or even a planet.

It is not a common practice among students to spend their research paper writing service money on fun. Becoming that person is something that can build up to your image of the action/adventure/party movie character. Instead of writing services the modern world offers you a lot better and important alternatives.

It can be something fun, extreme, extravagant (like having fun) or plain, simple and brave (like providing some sort of humanitarian aid). When you start to do it on a regular basis and people will gradually start to find out about this element of your character your reputation will start to work on you positively in ways you may not even find out.

Plus, this strategy will motivate you to get out more and to live a more exciting life. And on top of that each time you do it you will have a story to tell. And in the long run that way you can turn your life into a movie caliber life experience.


So, let’s summarise

If you order a research paper writing service you are very likely to get exposed by the professor while defending your work since you will set your standards too high. That way you will get used to being a research paper junkie, instead of mastering the writing skills in the future. People will be more attractive to you if you do it yourself, and they will be even more attractive if you spend the very same amount of money in your popularity selfishly or unselfishly