Top-10 Productivity Apps for Students

Increasing your productivity comes down to finding the best format of you organizing yourself. Productivity apps will offer you various ways of how you can do that. And these are the best of them.

1. Forest

Forest is one of the apps that uses gamification as the main tool for increasing your productivity progress. Cute interface revolves around the atmosphere of planetary eco-friendliness.

Forest comes down to planting a tree when you need to stay focused and it grows if you commit to your task without getting distracted. Trees die if you fail. You will be able to track the timeline of your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly progress. That way, if you manage to organize yourself to stay focused you will have an entire forest built on your focus and commitment.

Official Software: iOS, Android, Chrome Web Store.

2. Tide

Tide app teaches you to stay off the phone and remain concentrated by using focus timers. Tide will remind you to sleep, to take naps and to meditate to the built-in natural sounds in the background. It includes daily quotes to inspire you once you awake. And over time it will allow you to track your productivity progress.

Official Software: iOS, Android, Chrome Web Store.


3. Motion Learning App

Motion learning app is a performance tracker for students that will allow you to conveniently optimize your time and strengthen your scientific knowledge and skills. Motion learning app offers you study material that includes free courses, video library, video lectures, e-books tests, live support, tests and notes, all of which will help you to prepare for such exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET and Olympiads.

Official Software: Android.


4. Clockify

Free, super simple and cross-platform app Clockify will meet the needs of every person who needs to stay organized without seeing annoying cartoonish interface. This universal app includes timesheets, timelines, timer notifications, group projects and most importantly – no ads.

Official Software: iOS, Android, Chrome Web Store.


5. My Study Life

My Study Life is one of the most established productivity apps for students, teachers, lecturers and professors. It gained its popularity with its simplicity and ability to serve users on multiple platforms. You can easily build a schedule for all of your classes right within your calendar. Card-color system that reflects your present and upcoming tasks, and your exams will prevent you from getting confused.

Official Software: Chrome Web Store


6. Trello

Trello is definitely your app of choice if you are looking for an organizer that you can use for a productive group project. It is one of the best software for teamwork, that allows you to openly manage your tasks and stay updated about the work progress of your teammates.

Besides academic life it can help you in other cases where you may need to reach the same goal with your partners simultaneously. Such as work, travel, vacations, celebrations, etc.

Official Software: iOS, Android.

7. Google Keep

Google Keep is the perfect pick for people who prefer to better their productivity by taking notes and prioritizing numerous lists of tasks. This day planning app is a great way to capture your endless ideas and turn all or some of them into daily reminders. It includes checkboxes, photo pasting, audio recording, synchronization with other devices and of course dark mode.

Official Software: Android.

8. SimpleMind

This app is developed for difficult missions that users want to break down into multistage tasks. SimpleMind allows you to structure and build your personal mind map branches to increase productivity in achieving your goals without letting small details slip your mind.

Various colors will prevent you from getting confused and multi-device options will prevent you from straining your eyes if you are also a tablet user.

Official Software: iOS, Android.

9. Pocket

Pocket is a convenient tool for absorbing information. It allows you to improve your productivity by saving articles, videos and materials from any publication, page or attachment. Pocket helps you to curate your own space filled with everything you want to know about and it also enables you to listen to the articles you have to read before the exams.

Official Software: iOS, Android.

10. Grammarly

Being a productive student oftentimes (if not always) implies contacting various teachers, professors, mentors, and other people who might need to hear from you and receive your homework or coursework tasks. Sending the attached document without any words would be too rude and unethical in any culture. In case you decide to write something more than “hello” this free browser app will prevent you from awkward situations you may have. A specific free algorithm will highlight your typos and offer you necessary corrections with one click.

Official App: