Top-10 Improve Writing Skills Apps

Improving your writing skills comes with a lot of practice. And of course, the quality of your practice completely depends on “training equipment” that you pick for textual development.

The following list includes apps that not only underline your punctuation and grammatical mistakes and allow you fix them with one click, but also can offer you a better version of phrase or sentence you might be looking for. Which is exactly what you need to fixate your ideas instantaneously without worrying about typos.

1. Airstory

Improving writing skills includes working on big projects. Depending on the length and degree of difficulty of your work you might want to have a software that was created specifically for convenient work with a wealth of information. Airstory is one of those universal giants.

It will help you to not lose yourself in the numerous studies, news, links, facts and quotes that you have to break down and put into a right and/or chronological order. Airstory allows you to break your text into a bunch of card boxes, mark it with tags and have all of them on the side of your screen to save your time and battery from millions of files and folders.

Official Software: Chrome Web Store.

2. Ginger

Ginger is a grammar-checking app that proved itself as a reliable proofreading software for writers all over the globe. It will improve your writing skills by enriching your vocabulary and highlighting your grammar and punctuation errors that you can edit with one click.

Official Software:

3. Brainstormer

Brainstormer 2.0 presents a useful idea generator that will help you out in case you find yourself stuck in creative quicksands. It has a triple roulette of words spinning which will help you to create a combination of phrases you might be looking for. It will save your time, prevent you from stretching your writing process and remain productive.

Official Software: iOS.

4. ProWritingAid

Pro Writing Aid is the internet established grammar checker that will take care of your textual infallibility while you are rapidly typing out all of your ideas down and will teach you to avoid mistakes. The biggest advantage of this software in comparison to others is that it gives you plenty of options of phrases that you might be looking for in a specific context to make sentences sound perfectly.

You can use it on such popular platforms as MS outlook, MS word, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension, Firefox Extension, Edge Extension, Open Office, Scrivener, Google Docs.

Official Software:

5. Daily Page

Daily Page is an online platform that will get you used to writing at all times. It has daily prompts and hundreds of creative and original tips. It tracks your creative process and it is set to inspire and explore your writing potential. In addition, it offers you useful writing courses (in case you are seriously determined to deepen your textual skills).

Official Website:

6. Grammarly 

Improving your writing has to be comprehensive. Thus, your practice folder should include not only your texting document but also drafts of your email. And this is where Grammarly comes in handy. Sending the attached document without any words would be too rude and unethical in any culture.

To prevent you from awkward situations and to better your writing skills this free browser app will highlight all of your typos and offer you corrections with one click.

Official Software:

7. Hemingway 

Of all aforementioned apps Hemingway stands out with an option to test and use it online straight from their official website In addition, it calculates the level of readability, the amount of words and includes notes to improve your writing and make it flawless according to all grammatical standards. All of which will bring more tools to your writing arsenal.

Official Software:

8. Hanx Writer

Hanx Writer is highly popular not only among people who want to improve their writing, but also among writers who choose technological progress and still enjoy the design of classical typing machines and its signature typing sounds. Mobile version of Hanx Writer will come in handy for you to gather ideas throughout the day whenever you get into a note taking mode, and the tablet version will inspire you to write everything down in detail, double check and find a reason to start typing again.

Official Software: iOS.

9. Google Keep

Google Keep is the perfect pick for people who always take notes and are always busy with numerous lists of tasks. This day planning app is a great way to capture your writing ideas and turn all or some of them into daily reminders. It includes checkboxes, photo pasting, audio recording, synchronization with other devices and of course dark mode.

Official Software: Android.

10. Google Docs Voice Typing

Improving writing skills implies working with ideas to get your point across. In some cases, information cannot be mechanically typed and has to be captured with the voice of its author. For that reason, every once in a while, all responsible modern writers use voice typing machines. In case you use Google Docs keep in mind that it has a supercontinent built-in Google Docs Voice Typing option.