Tips to Survive School Shooting

In this article we will cover deep, basic and simple tips to formulate habits that will help to maximize the chances to survive school shooting.


One of the best things you can do maximize your brain productivity during the day including the school hours is to follow a well-balanced diet. Your diet’s quality has a direct impact on your academics, class reputation, school popularity and of course your personal emergency survival. The justifications for eating right break down into two reasons.

  • If you eat poorly – you will sooner become hungry and your brain will have less energy to process the vital information. You will make more conservative decisions and have far less chances for original way of thinking;
  • If you consume only unhealthy meals the equilibrium of your nutrients will worsen. Your body’s avitaminosis will cause a lack of motivation and increase of anger.


Physical activity is necessary for everyone, especially for young people. You won’t have time to squander it on tension because you’ll be too busy, worn out, and frequently even too joyful. It doesn’t imply that you must join a sports team and try to make the starting lineup in order to acquire these outcomes. But basic even seemingly insignificant activities, like cycling, playing catch, or dancing, will increase your dopamine levels, making you feel good about your day and lengthening your sleep. All of which will positively reflect on your ability to use your intellect.

P.S. You might want to invest your motor skills into studying and practicing the basics parkour. Backflips is something you can definitely live without. But wall-runs and proper techniques of jumping from the heights are the tricks that will make a difference.


The goal of this exercise is to optimize your look and simply make you a better version of yourself. As a result, it will put you in a better mood which will give you higher chances to formulate better social bonds. It could involve getting a new haircut, wearing clothes that makes you feel the most at ease.


It is obvious that knowing school corridors creates higher chances to survive. But the trick is to know every single corner of the building. To have an additional advantage make sure to visit no just your classrooms but every room of the school to have a complete picture of it. Not only you will better your orientation in the building but you will also have better chances to improve your social connections.


Whether you consider yourself to be an introvert or an extravert you are a primate the same as your peers. Which means you are within a group of social animals. This implies that as a group you have a certain hierarchy, as well as need in communication. And those who engage and communicate with other individuals show lower levels of stress than those who prefer to be outside of the group. Individuals on top and on the bottom of hierarchy experiences greater stress than someone in the middle. Staying in contact with everyone will improve your communicational abilities, which is a great tool to talk your way into better chances to survive.


Even experienced combat medics can find it physically difficult to perfectly control their fine motor skills during the emergency casualty care. And since you are most likely not a professional barricader chances are it will be difficult for you to barricade the entrance to your room perfectly. For that reason, it will be a good time investment for you to watch a few videos on how to do it and to practice this skillset from time to time.