How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

It is a summary of your research work and provides a snapshot of your entire dissertation. An abstract is usually the first thing that readers see, and therefore, it is essential to write a compelling and informative abstract that captures the essence of your research. In this article, we will guide you on how to write an abstract for a dissertation that will impress your readers.

1. Introduction

The introduction of your abstract should be brief and engaging. It should provide context for your research and outline the objectives of your study. You should also state the research question or hypothesis that you aim to address in your dissertation. It is advisable to keep the introduction to one or two sentences.


2. Methodology

In this section, you should describe the research methods you used to conduct your study. This includes the research design, sample size, data collection methods, and data analysis techniques. Be sure to provide enough detail for readers to understand your research methods thoroughly.


3. Results

In the results section, you should present the most significant findings of your study. Use clear and concise language to describe your results. You can use tables, graphs, or charts to illustrate your findings. Be sure to highlight the key points of your research in this section.


4. Discussion

In the discussion section, you should interpret your results and explain their significance. You should also relate your findings to the research question or hypothesis you stated in the introduction. Be sure to provide a critical analysis of your research and highlight any limitations or weaknesses.


5. Conclusion

In the conclusion section, you should summarize the key points of your research. You should also state the practical implications of your findings and suggest areas for further research. Be sure to end your abstract on a strong note.


6. FAQ

Q. What is the ideal length for an abstract?

A. An abstract should be around 250-300 words long.

Q. Should I include citations in my abstract?

A. No, citations are not required in an abstract.

Q. Can I use bullet points in my abstract?

A. No, bullet points should not be used in an abstract.

Q. Should I include background information in my abstract?

A. Yes, you should provide some context for your research in the introduction section of your abstract.

Q. How many keywords should I use in my abstract?

A. It is advisable to use 4-5 keywords in your abstract.