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Have you ever thought about becoming a renowned blogger? If you are fond of science in general and interested in a specific subject in particular, you are more than welcome to contribute to our blog. Share your tips and ideas with our community!

What kind of content are we looking for?

  • You can write on the variety of educational and scientific topics you find to be interesting.
  • We’ll be glad to receive some explanations, tips, how-tos, tutorials, etc.
  • Try to make an article that is engaging and exciting to read. Also, it should be easy to read even for those who don’t have much of a background knowledge about the topic.
  • The most important requirement is for your article to be original. As to the number of words, send us texts of more than 500 words.
  • We expect to receive a .txt , .doc or .docx file from you.
  • Please note that we do not offer any monetary compensation for your contribution. Let fame and thirst for knowledge be your motivation!
  • Send your article or ideas to geekandnerdorg@gmail.com fill out a contact form below.
    We are looking forward to receiving your masterpiece. Good luck!

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